Relax, rape comedians, your freedom of speech is safe

It’s time to strengthen our demands around rape jokes.

Rape jokes enable rape culture. But when feminists speak out against such jokes, it’s very common for people to respond with aggrieved bleating about their “freedom of speech”.
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Rich vs poor and Christmas entitlement

It’s a rough season for some. Two news stories already this week have shown people abjectly failing to plan for Christmas.

On the one hand we have the family turned down by the Salvation Army for Christmas aid “because they have relied on handouts rather than trying to help themselves”. On the other, the dad who doesn’t want to pay duty to release his imported Christmas presents from Customs.

The two stories are weirdly similar.

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Gender is not a choice

The heartwarming story of the Brisbane parents who posted a classified to announce their trans son’s coming out has been all over social media the past few days.

In the notice, the family says in 1995 they placed an ad to announce the birth of their daughter Elizabeth Anne.

“He informs us that we were mistaken. Oops! Our bad. We would now like to present, our wonderful son – Kai Bogert. Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. Tidy your room,” the notice read.

That’s awesome! What supportive parents. Too bad the media isn’t so supportive. Kai’s decision to share his true gender identity with his family is reported like this (emphasis mine): Continue reading

New victim stats reveal Pakeha privilege

On Friday the Police released the first of their new series of statistics, “Recorded crime victims statistics”. The media release says these are an improvement on the old recorded offences numbers, and aim to “count the victims behind the crimes” in order to “provide new information about victims and a more complete picture of who is affected by crime in New Zealand”. The victims statistics will be complemented by statistics on offenders, to be released next year.

This change in reporting is a positive step towards humanising talk about crime.
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