New victim stats reveal Pakeha privilege

On Friday the Police released the first of their new series of statistics, “Recorded crime victims statistics”. The media release says these are an improvement on the old recorded offences numbers, and aim to “count the victims behind the crimes” in order to “provide new information about victims and a more complete picture of who is affected by crime in New Zealand”. The victims statistics will be complemented by statistics on offenders, to be released next year.

This change in reporting is a positive step towards humanising talk about crime.
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Why are rugby world cup tickets so expensive?

Stuff last week ran a poll in their sports section that was guaranteed to get any economist excited. It asked, “What would you rate as a fair price for a mediocre seat at the Rugby World Cup final next year?”

Why is that exciting? Because, assuming “fair price” is the same as “willingness to pay” (WTP), the answers to this survey let us observe the demand curve directly. Continue reading