Relax, rape comedians, your freedom of speech is safe

It’s time to strengthen our demands around rape jokes.

Rape jokes enable rape culture. But when feminists speak out against such jokes, it’s very common for people to respond with aggrieved bleating about their “freedom of speech”.
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What have we done to our daughters?

So the police have decided not to lay charges against the “roast busters” statutory rapists of West Auckland. They cite a lack of evidence, with very little eyewitness testimony and most of the available evidence being of the “hearsay” type that judges tend to disallow.

One contributing factor to this lack of evidence was a lack of victims willing to make formal statements:

Police said 25 girls who were believed to be victims of some form of sexual offending refused to provide formal statements.

However, a further five girls approached by police did make formal statements. Those five joined two girls who had already contacted police but whose complaints had languished until media attention brought the case to prominence.

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